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Event Sponsorships from MRG


Supporting community partners and grantees in doing their movement-building work is at the core of MRG’s mission. While grantmaking is one way of doing that, sponsoring events and conferences that either bring additional money to organizations and/or serve our movements is another. 


To be considered for a sponsorship, the following must be true:

  1. The organization requesting sponsorship(s) is a current grantee, a former grantee, or a known community partner; and 
  2. They are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization or a fiscally sponsored group; and
  3. The event presents an opportunity for MRG staff, committees, board, grantees or former grantees, and/or partner organizations to come together to network within, learn about, connect with, and celebrate our social, racial, environmental, disability, and economic justice movement(s); and 
  4. The organization must not have received another sponsorship in the same fiscal year (MRG's fiscal year is from July to June).


MRG sponsorships range from $300 to $3,000, with the majority of requests funded at the $500-$1,000 level. 

MRG gives out sponsorships primarily for events that:

  • Gather Black, Indigenous, and/or other people of color with the goal of organizing, developing leadership, healing, celebrating, and uplifting narratives of strength and resilience;
  • Bring together social, racial, environmental, economic, and/or disability justice groups with the goal of organizing communities to achieve systemic change; and/or
  • Serve as a starting point for collective action. 

Examples of events we might sponsor include, but are not limited to: 

  • Conferences or trainings that seek to center the experience and leadership of communities of color and Black and Indigenous folks, especially those who are disabled, women/femmes/ nonbinary/gender-non-conforming folks, young people, poor and houseless people, and other groups experiencing oppression;
  • Gatherings and events that seek to challenge capitalist and White Supremacist narratives and ideals, uplift Black and Indigenous voices and experiences, and build community and connection;
  • Fundraising events IF they have a community organizing, community celebration, leadership development, or call-to-action component.

We will NOT fund:

  • Fundraisers or events with no expressed or articulated movement-building objectives.
  • Conferences that are subject-matter or sector specific, e.g. sustainable agriculture, housing, healthcare, education, etc. 
  • Events such as employment fairs, housing conferences, culturally specific celebrations, a foreign consulate’s community days, etc. that seek to connect individuals/families to available services and resources.

Organizations may apply for sponsorships on a rolling basis provided that funds are available. MRG replenishes sponsorship funds each fiscal year on July 1. 

To the extent possible, we try to make funding available quickly, but we encourage groups, if at all possible, to plan ahead and apply for funds at least three weeks before they need the funds.

For questions regarding MRG criteria or process, please contact Violeta at violeta@mrgf.org.

If you experience technical difficulties, please contact support@submittable.org

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